Reduce Your Tree Sizes

Have your trees blocked out the sunlight from your property? If you have got mouldy decks or dark areas but want to keep your trees, thinning is an ideal solution to this issue to let more sunlight into the property. Thinning is the process to allow light penetration. Trimming the tops of your trees yourself may result in lasting structural damage and possibly the death of certain limbs. To avoid problems like these, make sure you hire an expert arborist!

Tree Thinning Wellington

In the Wellington area, Urban Tree Services can provide skilled crown reduction services. Our staff has the expertise and experience to help let light through your trees whilst maintaining the health of your trees by promoting healthy development. We can prune any kind, size, or shape of tree you have in your landscape fast and effectively. It’s possible that the problem isn’t the height but crown density, we can thin the tree’s upper canopy to minimise volume.