Stump Removal

Unwanted Tree Stumps

Have you removed the tree in your backyard? Are you confused about how to get rid of the stump? Stumps may be unsightly, cause problems for your grass and other plants around, and even pose a tripping danger for youngsters playing in the garden. That is why, if you want to get rid of a certain tree, you must get rid of the complete structure of the tree. If you’re looking to remove a stump, doing this alone can be difficult and dangerous to both you and your garden’s health. To avoid any problems, use a reputable Wellington stump removal service.

Stump Removal

Urban Tree Services can assist you if you need a reliable stump removal service in Wellington. Leaving a stump after removing a tree can harm your plants and give your landscape an unsightly appearance. Our team has the expertise, training, and tools necessary to remove a tree stump from the ground securely.

We will remove the tree stump and roots from deep under the earth, allowing you to fill the space with dirt and establish a lawn or flowerbed on top without any problems. We take extra precautions to maintain and preserve the environment around the stump and prevent any harm to your plants. Urban Tree Services stump removal services ensure that your landscape looks just the way you want it to.

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