Why Hiring a Professional Arborist is Important

Why Hiring a Professional Arborist is Important

Why Hiring a Professional Arborist is Important 


In a country where DIY is part of the culture, it can be hard to draw the line between giving an overgrown tree a little trim and calling in a professional arborist. 


However, every good DIYer should know when it’s time to call in the experts. 


That’s because removing trees, carrying out major arborist tasks, and removing stumps, all come with risks and challenges that are better approached by a professional. Here’s a little more about the risks that come with tree removals, and why an expert is the sensible option for removing stumps. 


Tree removal risks


Removing a tree or a series of branches might seem like a simple task, but it comes with a number of risks that are best left to the experts. 


In fact, manual tree felling is one of the most dangerous jobs in the forestry industry. The most common causes for harm when tree felling include the faller standing too close to the tree, branches or the tree hitting the faller, poor technique, and stem movement. 


An arborist not only knows these risks well, but also knows how to manage them.


Therefore when you hire a professional arborist, you’re saving yourself from potential injury or harm, which can occur even if you’re being careful. It take training to learn the ways a tree can cause harm as it falls or during removal, and that’s not knowledge you want to learn the hard way. 


Not to mention, a tree that falls in the wrong direction or that loses a branch inconveniently can cause property damage. If you DIY the job, you’ll be responsible for that damage. By hiring an expert, you’ll ensure these accidents don’t happen in the first place. 


Our professional arborists have the training, experience, knowledge, equipment, and protective gear to get the job done right the first time, without risking injury to themselves, anyone on your property, or the property itself. 


Tree stump removals 


Tree stump removals are challenging jobs, but often necessary to remove unsightly, inconvenient stumps from clogging up your property. 


Removing a stump requires specific tools and knowledge to do it safely. Additionally, it’s also important to consider the health of the surrounding area and ensure the preservation of nearby plants, so it can also take a careful touch to complete the job without damaging anything else in the process. 


Another point to consider is that removing a tree stump without expert help can take significantly longer than you think. Without the skills, experience, and tools for the task, it will take far longer to complete, all while potentially putting yourself, others, and your property at risk. 


Hiring a professional arborist will take this job out of your hands. It will free up a large amount of your time, ensure nobody gets hurt in the process, and creates minimal damage or mess on your property. It’s simply the safest and quickest way to remove a tree stump, so you can spend more time and effort enjoying your property the way you like it. 


Whether you’re looking for tree removal, stump removal, tree trimming or pruning, or even saving a cat from a tree, a professional arborist can do the job safely and efficiently every time. Save the DIY projects for less dangerous tasks and contact us at Urban Tree Services for an expert job done right the first time. 

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