Four Reasons Why You Should Leave Tree Stump Removal To The Experts

Four Reasons Why You Should Leave Tree Stump Removal To The Experts

You might be tempted to remove a tree stump in your yard by yourself. However, this is easier said than done. Tree stump removal requires adequately trained professionals, as well as knowledge, skills, expertise, and the proper stump grinding equipment. Even if you believe you can perform a DIY tree stump removal, if you lack the necessary skills, knowledge, and equipment, things could go horribly wrong. Hiring professionals will ensure that everything runs smoothly and safely.

Why Should You Remove A Tree Stump?

There are many reasons why removing a tree stump may be beneficial to you:

  • If the tree roots have damaged surrounding structures such as driveways, planter beds or walls the stump will need to be ground to allow repairs to this area.
  • It takes up valuable space – A stump can obstruct your ability to have a wide, clear yard, and removing it allows you to make room to expand your home or landscape the area.
  • Stumps can be a trip hazard and be unsightly. Removing the stump can make the area look clean and tidy as if the tree was never there!

The Dangers Of A DIY Job

Many people have attempted to remove tree stumps without professional assistance, endangering themselves, their property, and others. It is dangerous to pull a stump out of the ground with a rope or strap attached to your car or to use machinery that you are unfamiliar with. For example, the tree stump could fly straight into your rear windshield or damage the top of your car, or the rope/strap could rip apart and hit someone or something nearby. The stump may even fly over or across the fence, colliding with someone or breaking a window in your home. You could also injure yourself or someone else by using the equipment. Furthermore, renting the proper equipment can be costly.

All of this can cost you more than hiring a professional to remove your tree stump. You should consider hiring a professional to do the job for you to avoid paying more for machinery and the damages caused by doing it yourself.

Why Hire Us To Remove Your Stump


Removing tree stumps is a difficult and dangerous task that is best left to professional arborists who have the necessary training and specialized equipment. They can evaluate your tree stump and determine the safest way to remove it without endangering anyone or anything nearby. They will then be able to remove the stump without injuring anyone or causing damage to your property. They will also perform a job safety analysis to identify any potential hazards.


An arborist can provide expert advice on the best course of action to take based on your specific circumstances, including whether you need permission from your local council to remove a tree stump. They also understand how to deal with potentially hazardous situations such as live electrical wires and gas lines that can be located beneath the surface.


Hiring a professional arborist ensures that you are not only getting someone who can physically remove a tree stump, but also someone who has experience with safe tree stump removal without endangering your life or property. Making precise cuts and carefully guiding the stump grinder are required for safely removing a tree stump, which cannot be found in an instruction manual.


It can be difficult not only to find and obtain the right equipment, but it can also be dangerous to operate it and intimidating to figure out how to use it correctly and safely. A professional arborist will have all of the specialized equipment needed to remove a tree stump, such as a handheld machine and a stump grinder. Your tree stump can be carefully ground and removed by an experienced operator.

Urban Tree Services are your local arborists in Wellington and the surrounding region. Get rid of that pesky stump today! We offer stump grinding, mulching, and removal services. Please contact our helpful team to request a free quote.

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