How Will I Know When My Tree Needs To Be Removed?

How Will I Know When My Tree Needs To Be Removed?

Trees provide several environmental advantages and help to maintain the ecosystem. They also provide a picturesque appearance and increase the visual worth of your home as well as the community. However, there are situations when tree removal is required because the tree has become an environmental and/or biological concern. These trees should be removed immediately, especially before a storm flattens them and causes severe damage. The following are some obvious signals that you should employ an arborist in the Wellington region.

Overhanging Branches

A tree that changes shape and structure should be seen as a warning indication that it should be removed. It is also critical to pay close attention if your tree is progressively leaning to one side. Ignoring a branch or a tree limb that is bending towards your driveway, backyard, or main entrance can result in unexpected and significant harm. Looking at the state of the trunk may sometimes tell you if your tree will begin to lean to one side.

Hollow Trunk

A hollow, weak, or decaying trunk indicates that your tree is losing health and that one of its limbs may collapse. Because the hollow is generally formed after a limb falls off, such trunks are distinctive signs of dying trees. Also, never disregard fractures in the trunk as this is a visual warning that your tree’s deterioration has begun.

Branches Without Buds

A branch that breaks unexpectedly poses a major risk to you and anyone around you. However, you may see symptoms that your branches are deteriorating and may collapse. If you notice limbs in your tree that lack buds, your tree may be dying. Another sign of dying buds is that they are fragile and readily broken. Regular inspection of the buds can assist you in detecting illness and stopping it before it spreads to the trunk. That’s where a tree removal or pruning service comes in handy.

Root Decay

The roots of a plant or tree are unquestionably one of the most telling signs that it should be removed. A tree’s roots may be rotting or injured, necessitating immediate action in both circumstances. Furthermore, if the roots appear to be cut or the ground around them appears raised, these are definite indications that you should contact us. The overall health of your tree is also a general and strong sign that the roots are unhealthy and will have an adverse effect on the tree’s condition in the long term.

A rotting or diseased tree must be removed as soon as possible. However, this is not achievable without the aid of Urban Tree Services. We have arborists to handle all of your tree removal needs. Urban Tree Services offers years of professional experience and knowledge to help you handle your tree problems.


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