How Tree Care Can Improve Your View

How Tree Care Can Improve Your View

Regular tree care and maintenance is essential for healthy trees, but it’s also a great way to improve the views from your home. 

There are several ways that professional pruning and maintenance can improve your view and make a noticeable difference in your living spaces. 

Here’s a little more about how our team can enhance your view this summer: 

What is ‘thinning’ and how can it improve your view? 

Thinning is a term used in professional tree care, and refers to the act of removing certain trees to improve the aesthetic and health of the remaining trees. By removing certain trees in your garden, you can allow for better views and more natural light to reach your home.

This is a practice that completely removes trees that may be blocking your view. Additionally, thinning can improve the health of your remaining trees, as they will have greater access to sunlight and water.

Carefully removing an entire tree can be a challenging and potentially dangerous job, so it is important that a trained professional carries out this task. This will ensure that not only will you improve the appearance, health, and functionality of your garden, but it will also reduce the risk of any damage to your remaining plants.

Tree thinning can also be completed to make room in your garden for other plants or other landscaping features, such as walkways.

More light through pruning 

Even if your trees aren’t exactly blocking your view, they could be blocking your sunlight.

The difficulty with trees that block out your sunlight is that it occurs slowly as the branches grow. You would notice a big difference between the day you moved in and five years later, but you might not notice how much sunlight you’ve lost when it occurs so gradually.

However, with expert tree pruning, you may be able to enjoy significantly more sunlight streaming through your windows. 

Our skilled arborists can ascertain how much they can prune a tree to make the most of the sunlight on your property, but without cutting the tree back too much. 

You can also take a photo indoors on a sunny day after you’ve had your trees pruned to keep as a reference for what a big difference professional tree trimming makes! 

More attractive trees 

Finally, expert tree trimming and pruning can improve your view simply by improving the appearance of your trees. 

Expert maintenance work will help to improve the shape of the tree, helping it look tidier without removing its wild charm. Importantly, trimming and pruning will also help to improve the health of the tree by removing damaged and dead branches, so the trees can focus their energy on staying healthy and growing strong. As a result, tree scan appear visually healthier and much more aesthetically pleasing. 

Expert tree care in Wellington 

Urban Tree Services provides expert arborist services across the Wellington region. Our lead arborist has one of the highest qualifications in Arboriculture possible, with more than a decade of experience in the industry. 

With fair pricing and expert service that helps you get the most out of your trees while keeping them healthy and well maintained, we offer a hassle-free service for businesses and homeowners alike across the capital. 

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote or to book in your tree care. 


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