Why It's Important To Keep Your Trees Maintained

Why It’s Important To Keep Your Trees Maintained

Having trees around the home adds beauty and natural charm to any property. 

Even though trees are fine left to their own devices for most of the year, it is in fact important to maintain them for their own health – and for your safety as well. 

Here’s a little more about why it’s so important to maintain the trees on your property

Tree maintenance improves safety 

When you hire a professional arborist, they have the experience and knowledge to spot branches and trees that are a potential hazard. 

This includes branches that have been weakened by rot or pests, and therefore may fall off in the next big storm. Or it may not even take a large storm to cause the branch to finally break off – it can simply continue to weaken and degrade over time until it is no longer strong enough to support itself. 

At best, the branch will snap off and fall harmlessly to the ground. However, there’s also a real possibility that it could fall on other plants and damage them, on property such as your house roof or a vehicle, on a family pet, or at the very worst, on you, a family member, or a visitor to your property. 

Your arborist will therefore trim the tree back and remove branches that pose a potential danger to avoid anything breaking off in future. This eliminates the risk of a weakened or damaged tree from breaking off and harming anyone or anything. 

Maintains and strengthens tree quality 

One of the best ways to maintain and improve the strength and health of your trees is to trim them back regularly. 

Tree trimming includes removing dead or dying branches, which alongside improving the safety of the tree, ensures it doesn’t try to use its nutrients to try to save the damaged areas. When you remove these areas, the tree can instead put its energy and resources into strengthening healthy branches and growing taller and larger. 

Similarly, a professional arborist knows which areas to prune, including how much of the canopy to cut back. This skilled task requires in-depth agricultural knowledge of how and where to cut to help the remaining boughs to receive more light, maintain its health, and grow vigorously in future. 

Helps with natural pest control 

From moths and butterflies to beetles, wood-boring wasps, and the native looper caterpillar, there are all sorts of pests that can damage and weaken trees in New Zealand. 

Yet one good natural way to help keep unwelcome bugs out of your trees is with tree trimming. 

In part, that’s because healthy trees have their own natural defences against invasive pests. However if the tree is unhealthy with damaged or weakened limbs, or if it is not getting enough sunlight or airflow between the branches, it is more susceptible to infestations than a healthy tree that can fight them off. 

Professional tree maintenance in Wellington 

Of course, tree maintenance also helps to keep your trees looking beautiful, so there’s every reason to seek professional arborists to help maintain your backyard. 

Urban Tree Services works on all sorts of trees all over the Wellington region, pruning, trimming, and maintaining trees to improve their health, safety, and development. Contact the team today for a free, no-obligation quote to maintain your trees. 

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